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Max:  Grey 13.3H Welsh/Arab cross gelding


Max is a pony with lots of talent and loves to go to horse shows, but also likes to be lazy and just do walk/trot lessons.  All the kids cry when they don’t fit on him anymore.  He is a very fun and trustworthy pony.  He has taught many kids how to ride, show, and use lots of shampoo to get him sparkly white!                    


Gracie:  White/brown 14.3 H Appaloosa mare

Gracie is “the best school horse ever”.  She is very quiet and willing for kids just doing walk/trot… but is very smart, athletic, handy, and loves to jump whatever you put in front of her.  She has given a lot of people great confidence in jumping and showing.  She is very trustworthy and fun to ride.  Gracie too has successfully taken many kids to shows and won many blue ribbons and championships.





Giddeon:    Liver chestnut 14.2 hand Morgan gelding


Giddeon is a terrific beginner’s horse!  He tolerates the “bouncy hands” of people learning to do their posting trot.  He is wonderful for riders learning how to canter and jump.  If you lose your balance, he just breaks back to the trot.  He seems to try to “not” lose his riders… even if they are bouncing around a bit.  Worth his weight in gold!





Gypsy:     Bay 15.2 hand Paint/Oldenburg cross mare


Gypsy is a solid bodied mare that is extremely social and hopes to be everyone’s friend.  She is used for intermediate and advanced level lessons and is available for leasing.  She will be available for showing in the future as well.





Annie: Chestnut 16.1 hand Thoroughbred mare


Annie is a Thoroughbred mare off the track and very quickly learning to jump. She will be used for advanced riders and shows and leasing in near future.






Shiloh:  Bay 15.1 hand Morgan gelding


Shiloh loves people and attention and will do anything for a treat.  He is used mostly for intermediate riders for flat and jumping lessons.  He is available for leasing.





Lindy: Bay 16.2 hand Holsteiner cross mare


Lindy is an absolute dream! She is an advanced horse that has shown on the Florida A circuit jumping 4' and has taken many juniors around. She is extremely adjustable, well-trained and a blast to ride.




Honor: Chestnut 17.1 hand Oldenburg cross gelding


Honor is very good with beginners and enjoys going to shows and jumping fun courses.





Taz: POA pony gelding


Taz is a fun, quiet pony that kids enjoy riding and jumping.