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Blue Spring Farm offers a simple, partial leasing program of our school horses and ponies.  We have a variety of horses for lease that range from ponies to Quarter Horses to Warmbloods.  Leasing a horse is a good way for riders to get extra practice and strengthen their muscles in between their regularly scheduled lessons.  It also shows parents whether their child has the dedication to someday take care of a horse of their own. 


The leasing options are as follows:


Leasing 2 days per week                                  $145/month

Leasing 3 days per week                                  $195/month


When leasing, the rider is able to use the school tack and farm supplies to take care of the horse.  Riding is allowed only in the arena and during barn hours.  Riders are allowed to practice at the level that they are successful in their lessons.  Jumping is only allowed in lessons.